Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Mimi's Cafe and Movie: 42 to be Exact -- Mon., Apr. 15

All this happened yesterday, Sunday, April 14, but fit in so well with my A-to-Z Blogging Challenge letter "M," that you get to hear about it today.

Bob "kidnapped" me for breakfast Sunday morning. He started off driving me through part of downtown San Antonio by the Pioneer Flour Mill. I tried to guess where he was taking me, "Oh, are we going to Guenther House?" I enthused. I had read about their excellent breakfasts.

Well no, going on Probandt toward downtown was to throw me off track, but since we were in the neighborhood, he thought we could try Guenther House. We parked, walked up to the restaurant area, saw a line waiting to get in and decided we would eat there another time.

Off we went. Hopped on the freeway and he drove us across town to The Shops at La Cantera where we had breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. He knows I LOVE Mimi's Cafe. What a sweetie he is. He had French toast with scrambled eggs and I had Eggs Florentine with fried red potatoes. Everything was very good, except they forgot to bring my small orange juice. When Bob checked the bill, there was a charge for the invisible orange juice. Bob politely asked them to remove it from the bill which they did with no problem.

We had 40 minutes to make it back across town to City Base West where "42" is playing. The theater was still playing ads when we arrived.

For those of you who aren't familiar with "42", this is a baseball movie based on fact. It's about the life of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American to play Major League Baseball, and Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey.

Racism is a key topic in this movie, not only from the public, but also the league, other players and the press. Jackie has to rise above it all and not let anyone rile him up. This movie is brutal in showing the racist nastiness of other players, the fans, other coaches and even a clerk at the airport. But we also see the other side...people who root for Jackie, help him when things get heated, and even encourage him when he thinks everything is too bleak to go on. The movie has charm, wit, humor, a great true story, love story, and Harrison Ford as GM Rickey.

Chadwick Boseman who plays Jackie did a fantastic job. We'll probably see more roles for him.

Bob and I give this movie high fives. It scores a cinematic home run.

After the movie, we shopped for cat food at Petco and our food/supplies at H-E-B. TV tonight was 60 minutes, the Spurs vs. the Lakers basketball, and Amazing Race.

Enjoy your week.