Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wimberley, Texas Volksmarch and a Pie Social -- Sat., Apr. 13

Today was a Volksmarch sponsored by the New Braunfels Marsch und Wandergruppe and the Mayor's Fitness Council of Wimberley. The walk started at the Wimberley Community Center. Start time was anytime between 8:00 a.m. and noon, finish by 3:00 p.m. We started at 9:15 a.m. The walk is also scheduled for tomorrow, Sunday, April 14.

Bob and I highly recommend this walk if you are anywhere near Wimberley on Sunday. You can choose to walk either 5K (3.1 mi) or 10K (6.2 mi). We did the 10K walk and finished in two hours, 15 minutes. That included all my picture taking and standing around drooling over the Blue Hole Park swimming area. The most interesting parts of the walk are in the first 5K.

We started out walking past the area where a Pie Social will be held from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. today. People were dropping off their pies and some of them looked yummy! Something for us to look forward to at the end of our walk!

Having never been to Wimberley, Texas, before, we had no idea what to expect. On the drive into town we crossed some of the higher hills in Texas Hill Country and had long-range views of the hills.
View of Texas Hill Country, Wimberley.
Beautiful flowers outside the Wimberley
Community Center.
Mill Race Lane: this first part of our walk took us to
retreats and lodgings along a peaceful creek.
Old Mill Race, hand dug, see sign below.
Click to enlarge.

Creekhaven Inn
Sculpture hanging in a tree in a backyard.
River coming through town, photo taken from bridge.
"A little bit of heaven...Wimberley" mural.
Wimberley Cafe.
Old storefronts, current shopping inside.
This walk included the quaint village of Wimberley and a lot of trail walking along rivers. To me, nature girl, it was beautiful! Bob said he was changing my name from TravelBug to ShutterBug today.

Still water, great for reflections.

Antelope-Horns, Asclepius asperula
Bald Cypress, a rare deciduous conifer.
Jacob's Well is the source of Cypress Creek.
Photo of trees reflected in the water, except for a rock
at bottom right. Blue Hole Regional Park.
Picnic tables the Flintstones would use!
Blue Hole Regional Park picnic area.
Because of Swiss-cheese-like fissures in the rock which are natural filters.
These are tree roots growing down an embankment.
As you can tell, Blue Hole Regional Park is a gorgeous place. Bob brought his swim trunks with him today so he could swim at the end of our walk; however Blue Hole doesn't open for swimming until May. In May it is only open weekends. Guess where we'll be one weekend in May? During summer, the park is open every day for swimming.

The rest of our walk took us along more trails in Blue Lake Park and on Hays County-City of Wimberley Regional Hike and Bike Trail.

Such pretty flowers.
Exiting the park toward the end of our six miles.
No one gave me a ride.
9-11-01 Memorial at Wimberley Cemetery

James C. Lane house.
Hobo Chic, Eclectic stuff.
Walk accomplished, time for pie.
Fruit pies--I had berry and it was soooo good. Bob chose peach.
And, yes, we limited ourselves to one piece each!
Cream and custard pies, nut pies behind those.
Apple pies on this side (I guess they don't qualify as fruit?!)
There was a band providing down-home bluegrass music. They sang a song to the tune of "Rawhide," but playfully changed the lyrics to "More Pie." We had a wonderful day today.

Tired and happy Travel Bug out.