Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Violated -- Thurs., Apr. 25

What would you do if your husband called you from work and told you to do a Google search for a piece of property? Both of you search Google Images at the same time on different computers and find pictures of the property. BUT as you scroll through the photos, you see pictures of yourself, your cats, places you've been, photos you took yourself?

Freaky, right? That's what happened to me today. I am very pissed off. I clicked on one of the photos and it was able to link to the web site (not mine) where my photos and all my blogs have been duplicated. (See below.)

It looks like someone has copied all my blog posts, along with someone else's blog posts into a blog titled "Travel Information." That is not the web address they've given it.  Enter: "Travel Information The Twilight Bark" into Google. When "Travel Information shannonspet-sittingtwilightbark" comes up as a search result, go to that site. Look in the archives. You will see what I am talking about. Approximately 95% of the content is mine.

I don't know who the person given credit at the top of those blog posts is (for sure it's not me), but he has other sites as well. The name of the blog itself looks like it came from someone else. I have written to the lady whose blog name is similar to the blog name this person is using to let her know as well.

Have you ever checked to see if anyone is stealing your blog content? I feel violated. I am shaking right now.

Whoever this person is, they are not ethical. They along with their blog have been reported to Google as copyright infringement.

You may want to check your own blog to see if anyone is using your stuff!

What would you do in this situation? I'm at a loss.

Please give me feedback if you've had any experience with this and how you dealt with it.

Thanks. I feel fortunate to be part of our close-knit blogging community.