Sunday, April 14, 2013

Must Catch Up! -- Sun., Apr. 14

No blog for the A-to-Z Challenge on Sunday. I can catch up on what else we've been doing.

Friday afternoon I went solo to the San Antonio Botanical Garden. As I was arriving, five busloads of elementary school kids were exiting to their buses. Whew! Dodged that bullet. Also, a big luncheon had finished up and all the ladies were leaving. The botanical gardens were mine, all mine. Well, not really but there were very few people there. I spent 1-1/2 hours in bliss, then I drove to meet Bob to see "Life of Pi." (See my review here.) More bliss.

My last visit to the botanic gardens was in September 2012. To see the gardens in springtime was a  high priority for me. Today I made the most of my hour and a half.

My favorite displays are: the Old-Fashioned Garden, East Texas Pineywoods, and the Cactus and Succulent Garden.

Gertie's Garden greets you when you enter the grounds.

Foxglove (from which the drug digitalis is derived).

The purple martins have set up house and are in residence...

Purple martin condos.
Old-Fashioned Garden photos:

Display garden
"Magic Fountains," Delphinium, buttercup family
Blue sage, Salvia farinacea, mint family
Yellow prickly poppy
Shrimp plant
Sacred Garden:

Aloe flowers
Water Saver Garden (cottage landscaping):

Trumpet flower
 Texas Hill Country:

Anacacho Orchid Tree (Bauhinia lunaroides)

Pecan tree
Chinquapin Oak (see sign below)
East Texas Pineywoods:

Sycamore (American Plane-Tree)

11 turtles sunning
Trail around the lake.
Cute little bugger.
The lake at San Antonio Botanical Garden
One content squirrel!
Trail in East Texas Pineywoods
Bird photos:

Great-tailed grackle with tail fanned out.
Purple martins.

Endangered Plants (South Texas Brush Country)

Ashy dogweed
Zapata bladderpod
 South Texas:

Texas bindweed
Cactus and Succulent Garden:

Cactus with alien-looking blooms
Claret cup cacti
Horse crippler cactus
Gopher plant.
Desert gardenscape

Beaked yucca
Golden barrel cactus.

Students from local schools have a huge garden area that they planted and tend to. I was amazed by the artichokes. Wow!

There were hundreds of artichokes in the 30 ft. row.
By this point in the day, my time was rapidly diminishing. On my way out of the garden, I snapped a few more photos.

Lily pond from elevated walkway.
Through the wisteria arbor
Potted flowers
With that, I was out the gate, hopped in my car and made it to the movie theater just in time for "Life of Pi."

Travel Bug flower girl out.