Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Outbreak -- Wed., Apr. 17

After returning to the 5th wheel from an interview this morning, slight movement near the hall skylight caught my eye. I looked more closely. About 10 baby spiders had webs going across the skylight and partway into the hall. I'm paranoid some of them got into my hair. AAACK! Spiders! I HATE spiders. Now we've had an outbreak of baby spiders.

Not only were they on the ceiling in the hall; they were in the bathroom and above our bed. I also found one dropping down in the kitchen. Whenever I walk back and forth in here now, I cautiously scope out the ceiling and air space for baby spiders. They're really hard to see.

I killed as many as I could and vacuumed some. Now what? Does anyone know how to get rid of a baby spider invasion? Please help with all suggestions. I DO NOT WANT big spiders in here!!

On to a totally different topic.

O is also for opportunities. Right now I'm looking for a job. I have been interviewing with temporary agencies for admin assistant positions. Soon I'll be working. It will be nice to have a paycheck coming in again.

Over and out.