Saturday, May 25, 2013

And the Rain Came...and Came - Sat., May 25

Well, howdy from San Antonio, Texas. Yesterday morning the rain, thunder and lightning started. We had a serious downpour for the middle part of the day. Then it let up for a while...long enough for the water to subside a bit.

Last night Bob called me from the start point of a Hill Country Hikers fitness walk and said, "Can you get on the computer and check if the walk has been cancelled?" Yes, it had.

Friday evening was quiet with a few thunder rumbles in the distance. Overnight, however, was another ballgame. We had thunder, lightning, hail, rain, pouring rain, more rain, more thunder.

When I woke up and looked outside, this side of the RV park and some of the middle pull-through sites were underwater. That was about 5:30 a.m. Bob got up at 7:00 a.m. and decided to go to work. (It's Saturday! He's working his new job during the week and consulting on two other jobs.) Anyway, when I called him later this morning, he said I-10 was closed on his way to work due to flooding and debris that washed onto the freeway. His 20-minute drive took over an hour using back roads that weren't flooded. (I don't know how he's going to get home.)

When I woke up at 10:00 a.m., the water was getting pretty deep and it was still raining with thunder rumbling in the distance. Here's what our site looked like at noon. The water had subsided about four inches according to our park manager. It's still 10" deep or more.

I don't think the cats will try to escape today!!!
Our concrete pad patio. Earlier the water was almost to the seat of the chairs.
Lake Traveler's World
Center pull-through sites.
Looking toward the Rec Hall.
I was pretty worried because the water was to the bottom of my car. I put on flip-flops, rolled up my jeans to my knees and waded out to move the car. Then I didn't want to wade back across all the water, so I walked on the dry side of the park to the office and asked for a ride back home in the gator. They were happy to oblige. Everyone is so nice here.

The park managers told me the San Antonio River was up to the arches of the bridge by the park. For the record, he videotaped the river this morning. He said the last time they had this much rain was in 2007.

Below is a photo of Roosevelt Bridge over the then-normal-level San Antonio River. Imagine the water up to the arches!

I hope the aquifers are filling up nicely and the drought will ease!

The other thing that happened this morning was disconcerting. I took a blouse out of my closet and one side of it was soaking wet. Not good. Or, as I like to say, uh-oh.

I emptied the shelf on my side of the closet and removed clothes from the rack in the back corner. As I suspected, we have a leak. One sweatshirt on the bottom back side of the top shelf was soaked. Water drips were going along a horizontal decorative piece about halfway down the closet wall and getting  clothes touching the wall wet. I emptied out my side of the closet and those clothes are now hanging in the bathroom closet or lying on the bed.

Our yellow plastic tire holders floated off and I don't know if our doormat is still on the pad below our steps or not. There will be no way to tell until the water subsides. All kinds of things are floating around the water: scrubbing brush, branches, other flotsam and jetsam (there's a phrase I can't use often).

Did I mention it's raining again?  Double uh-oh.

A flash flood warning is in effect this afternoon. Weather forecast is 80% chance of heavy rains. Already in San Antonio some people have had to be rescued from homes and vehicles. Here is a link to NOAA's flash flood warning. It will probably only be good for a few hours. The report says we'll get an additional 1/2" to 1" more rain in addition to the 15" that have already fallen.

That's how our Memorial Day weekend is going. How's yours?

Travel Bug keeping her head above water.