Thursday, May 2, 2013

Looking for Something to Do? - Thurs., May 2

Bob and I were sitting around relaxing and talking. He suggested I take a look at the web site

I was immediately hooked. has groups of people for different interests. Do you like hiking? Philosophizing? Motorcycle riding? Quilting? Bicycling? Foreign language groups? Photography? Poker? Movies? Eating out? Adventures? Writing groups? Book clubs? Board games? Would you like to find other people who share your interests? Check out the site. You enter your zip code and how far you want to travel, then click search. All kinds of groups will populate for you to choose from (at least in large metro areas, not sure about small towns).

Bob finds running groups through I immediately joined four groups: San Antonio Explorers, Hill Country Hikers, Outdoor Adventures, and Movie Lovers.

Tomorrow night Bob and I are doing our first four-mile fitness hike with the Hill Country Hikers. Twelve people (including us) will be doing the hike.

So if you're out on the road or staying in an area long enough to meet people and do things, consider checking out

(And, no, I don't work for I think it's a fun idea.)

Here's a cat photo for you. I haven't posted one for a while.

Bowie and Sunnie.
We've been having strong winds and the temperature dropped 20 degrees from yesterday. Ourhigh was 60 degrees today, supposed to be 43 tonight. That's all for today.

Travel Bug out.