Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flood photo blog from Bob - Sat., May 25

When Bob returned from work (no problems getting home), he took my camera and recorded his impressions of the flood near the RV park. Keep in mind the water has receded 8" at our RV site since I took photos earlier in the day.

The park manager and maintenance man retrieved our yellow tire stoppers (chocks) and put our spare propane tank at the site next door. It had floated off.

Bob retrieved our spare propane tank from next door and our mat.
Bob's truck first on the left.
Looking across to the dry side of the RV park.
Here we are, water has receded 8" from earlier today.
Bob standing in water at bottom of our steps.
Bob also headed out on the Riverwalk extension at Roosevelt and found...

The river had receded from the arches.
In the following photo, the irrigation pipe seen to the right of the path is usually down the riverbank to irrigate the lower portion of the bank. It floated up to its current position.
Debris way up the riverbank.
In the photo above, you can see debris from the high water mark. At the left top, you can see the top of the arch on the bridge. That's how high the water rose.

Debris by the path.
Debris from the river hung up on a picnic table.
Riverwalk - Mission Reach
Turtle in path.
Bob says the turtle was sunning itself.
Debris on the path.
The river is very high, normal level is about one-fourth this.
Stranded fish.
Thank you, Bob, for wading in the flooded park to get photos of the Riverwalk - Mission Reach and more photos of the flooded section of the park.

Here are photos he took of the dry section of the park too. The whole park was not flooded.

Dry site with RV storage behind.

Pool and hot tub area.