Monday, May 27, 2013

Random Plans - Mon., May 27

For having lots of weekend hiking/walking plans, we ended up doing only one thing and it wasn't walking or hiking. Our moonlight hike at Eisenhower Park on Saturday evening was cancelled due to all the rain Friday and Saturday. We decided not to hike at Hill Country State Nature Preserve on Sunday morning due to the forecast for rain, the fact that I have nasty blisters* on the tops of both feet, and Bob was called in to work (as the office move that was supposed to happen on Saturday didn't, so he had to go in Sunday).

[*Blisters are from our Riverwalk - Museum Reach walk last Wednesday evening. I thought it would be okay to wear flip-flops on a four-mile walk because they're comfortable. Hah! Not so. The upper straps rubbed half-inch blisters into the tops of both feet. Ouch! I'm not doing that again.]

Sunday evening we planned to do a Volksmarch in Boerne (pronounced Bernie), Texas, followed by an outdoor band concert. As we drove to Boerne, the sky was black and threatening. We passed by the start for the Volksmarch because I don't like walking in downpours.

On to Plan B which we were going to do after the walk and band concert. The owner of the company that Bob most recently worked for bought a new property that he plans to develop into an event venue called Random. This weekend is his preview opening. The property is about four miles west of Boerne on I-10.

A major downpour had just passed through minutes before we arrived. In fact, it was still sprinkling as we parked the car. On the way to their place, we had to cross a creek. Well, what had been a creek was now a raging river from the aforementioned downpour.

I got out my camera to record the swollen creek. My camera would not turn on. I tried and tried. Bob said, "Did you remember to put the battery back in it?" Um, duh, nope I didn't, no battery. So no photographic evidence. I can tell you, however, the creek was flowing around the trees on the bank and almost to the bottom of the bridge deck. On the downriver side of the bridge the now-swollen creek dropped off and made a ten-foot roaring waterfall.

When we met Michael and Mary at Random, we told them about the creek. Shocked expressions ensued. They had to see this. All four of us walked down to look at dramatic to view. Mary took lots of pics with her smartphone.

Back up at Random, Michael took visitors on a tour of the old house (parts of the house date back to 1840) on the property and told us his vision for a remodel. They plan to put in a wine-and-beer-tasting bar, have a small kitchen to make appetizers and light snacks, fill the rooms with small tables and chairs for people to sit, converse and enjoy the ambiance.

Outside is grassy acreage with which to work. Mary would like to schedule weddings that could be held on the beautiful grassy lawn. Picnic tables are set up around the property for outdoor eating, and big, spreading pecan trees offer shade. Ideas for use of their space include a remote-control car area, crafts barn, community events venue, possibly a petting zoo in a few years.

Their property is next to Boerne City Lake. After we spent time socializing at Random, Bob and I drove the road to Boerne City Lake and drove through the park. Even though a major downpour had passed through a couple of hours before, kids were swimming in the lake and people were out kayaking. The lake is quite large.

We then drove the rest of the road to its end. Along the way we saw herds of Axis deer. One stag was imposingly regal with an enormous set of antlers. Oh, for my camera! He was standing proudly on a hill surrounded by 30 deer, the sun was on him. He looked magnificent.

White-tailed deer also were in the area. On the side of the road, on the other side of a fence, we saw a doe with two very new fawns. They were so little. Adorable.

Today (Memorial Day), Bob is working at his new job. The companies that work in the oil fields don't take very many holidays. I think Bob said they get Christmas off!

In addition to the leak in the front of our 5th wheel in our closet, we also discovered a leak in the back near our rear windows. The carpet is soaked behind one of our recliners. I have a fan blowing on the carpet to dry it off. Now we have to find where the water incursion is occurring. It may be coming in around the window, or it could be coming in at a tear in our seal up at the back corner of our dining room slide.

Today is a quiet day for me. I am hanging out with the cats. Here are a few photos from the past week or so...

"I'm expecting a call. If the phone rings, could you answer it?"
"What you lookin' at? I owe you money or sumpin'?"
Small arm of Inks Lake State Park.
House finch behind our 5th wheel.
House finch.
The End.