Thursday, January 17, 2013

Duke Anton Günther of Oldenburg turned 90

Duke Anton Günther of Oldenbrug celebrated his 90th birtday on Wednesday 16.01.2013. There was a reception for 80 guests at Güldenstein Castle in Schleswig-Holstein.
The Duke was born o 16.01.1923 as oldest child of Hereditary Grand Duke Nikolaus of Oldenbrug and his first wife Helene, née Princess zu Waldeck and Pyrmont. He made Abitur in 1942and after the war he stuedied forestry. In 1951 he married Princess Ameli zu Löwenstein-WertheimFreudenberg. the couple has 2 children, Duchess Helene and Duke Chiristian and 4 grandchildren. After the death of his father in 1970 he became the Had of the Grand Ducal House and took over the adminstration of the posessions in Güldenstein.