Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sun Date -- Sunday, Jan. 20

Today was our Sunday date. The sun was supposed to be shining and we planned to do a Volksmarch on the Leon Creek Greenway. As you know, you have to go with the flow. 

The day started cloudy and very cool; however, the clouds looked like a marine layer that would burn off. We went to the start point for the Leon Creek walk. Bob waited in the car while I went into the hotel to sign in. The clerk at the hotel desk did not know where the sign-in box was located. I did a quick tour around the lobby, but did not see the start box. So I asked the front desk clerk if he could check for a box behind the counter. (Sometimes the start box is kept there.) Nope, he couldn't find one. He told me a couple of weeks ago someone else came in looking for the box and they couldn't find it for them either. I'm going to fire off a message to AVA HQ in Universal City, Texas to find out what happened to the start box.

New plan. Last July Bob and I did a Volksmarch in Crownridge Canyon which wasn't too far from where we were at the hotel. That's where we ended up going. The start box for that walk was at a different hotel, but the box wasn't in the same place it had been the year before. No one was at the front desk, so I searched around the lobby and found it hidden in a corner between the wall and a brochure rack. It was not visible from the middle of the room. I had to go around a wall and there it was tucked in the corner. Whew. We started 1/2 hour later than planned, but, hey, we did the 10K walk.

Yesterday, I posted a lot of pictures. Today, not so many. If you'd like to see more of Crownridge Canyon, click on the link above for my blog from last July. Lots more pictures there.

When we started our walk at the Crownridge Canyon trailhead parking lot, the clouds were starting to burn off. By the time we got about a half mile into the trail, the clouds were gone and we had a true "Sun"day sun date. Up in the trees there was no breeze so we were getting quite warm. The trail meanders up and over a hill or two.

Bob on Crownridge Canyon Trail bridge
Yes, there is a trail through here.

When we finished the trails in Crownridge Canyon, including the harder part up to Bear Grass Falls, we headed out on neighborhood streets and up and down some good hills. 

Nice neighborhood.
These homes have beautiful views.
More hill-top homes on the ridge.
We walked along this road.

Nice views and blue skies.
We got our workout today. All in all, we finished 6.2 miles in a little less than two hours, which is a pretty good clip with hills involved.

It was time for lunch. We stopped at Wendy's near the movie theater we were headed to. Bob had a grilled chicken sandwich and a side salad. I had my favorite--a plain baked potato topped with a small side of chili. Wendy's makes great chili! A very satisfying lunch.

We found the cheapest movie theater in San Antonio, Cinemark 16, off of I-410 loop. The first matinee of the day is $1.25. Unheard of. It does show older movies, but we had missed some while we were away. We went to see "The Sessions," a movie about a 38-year-old man who had suffered polio as a child and was unable to move. Every night, he slept in an iron lung. Caretakers came in day and night to care for him. William H. Macy plays a priest to whom he gives confessions. The sessions refer to his sessions with a sex therapist. This movie is not for everyone. We enjoyed it, though. It was funny, charming, and touching (literally and figuratively).

When we arrived back to the 5er, Bob plopped himself into the recliner and has been watching football ever since. He was happy the 49ers won. He's not really rooting for the Patriots or the Ravens, but he says he enjoys a well-played game.

As soon as football is over, we're either going to watch a rerun of Shark Tank or a new Hawaii 5-0. If we haven't seen this Shark Tank we will watch it because we love that show. If we have seen it, we'll watch Hawaii 5-0. 

That was our fun day Sunday.

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