Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It's the Little Things -- Tues., Jan. 22

Today was the day to return our SurgeGuard 50A surge protector using their Return Authorization Number. I had a big box that the cats had been playing/sleeping in and it was just the right length for the surge protector. Only problem was, the box was way too big in every other dimension, so I had to deconstruct and reconstruct the box.

The box was folded in many different directions so I had to cut off extra flaps and then fold one portion down to enclose the whole thing. I retrieved my trusty box knife which was left over from working at amazon.com over a year ago. Care was taken to put in the receipt with RMA number and return address on it. For packing, I put in a small cardboard cube the length of the surge protector to tighten it in against the side of the box, then I crumpled up some brown butcher paper and tucked it all around. Then I taped the whole thing up tighter than tight. If you shook the box, you could hear the surge protector moving around. Well, it seemed safe enough to me. It took 30 minutes for the whole process.

Next stop, U.S. Post Office. At the counter I explained to the clerk that the box needed to be sent insured and return receipt. The clerk picked up the box, shook it, and said, "We can't take this, it's moving around too much." 

I told him it wasn't anything breakable and it was heavy duty. He didn't care, said it had to have more packing. He gave me forms to fill out for insurance and return receipt. I left, box and forms in hand.

I took the box and immediately drove to FedEx Express. Again I was told the box needed more packing. I fussed and said, "Do we really have to take it apart? It took me 30 minutes to assemble it."

His reply, "I can do it for you. It won't take me very long."

The paperwork was in my hands to fill out. He had the box opened, filled and taped back up before I finished filling out the form! On the form I marked the check box that I wanted someone at the business to sign for it. I asked him how much extra that would cost, and he replied, "$2.50."

When he looked at my paperwork after I finished with it, he said, "Oh, is this going to a business?" 

I answered, "Yes."

"Well," he said, "they automatically sign for it at a business. There's no charge for that." He promptly crossed off the signature request.

The whole transaction took about five minutes start to finish. He charged me for shipping an 8 lb. box and $3.99 for packing material. It was worth it to me not to go back to the 5er, reopen the box, find packing material, and re-close the box. I was happy to pay for the packing material which I would have had to buy anyway to ship it through the Post Office.

If you had had the two experiences above, who would you go back to? 

FedEx 1, Post Office 0. (Is it any wonder the post office may go out of business?)

On the way home, I stopped at Walmart for a couple of items. It isn't very crowded at 3:00 p.m. I found a checker with no line!! 

Two weeks until my dentist appointment to start the process for my three crowns.

It's the little things.

Chores today: vacuum, take out trash, scrub the tub, shop, return surge protector, cook, wash counter tops, and do dishes.

Travel Bug out.