Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Places to See in San Antone -- Wed., Jan. 30

So I was goofing around on the internet looking at this and that. A few places of interest to see popped up. Look for my visits to these places on upcoming blogs when I will give a full report. (If there's anything to report.) Whatever did we do before the internet?
You can see there are some very eclectic offerings in the above list. You can thank Roadside America for those.

Random thought for today...

Science fiction: I love science fiction. Call me a geek or a nerd, but growing up I got hooked on Star Trek and Twilight Zone. Throughout the years, I watched a number of Star Trek series: Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager. I did not, however, get into the Animated Series or Enterprise. I have also seen all of the Star Trek movies. One of my favorite parody/comedy movies is Galaxy Quest which mocks sci fi movies such as Star Trek.

Other science fiction I've enjoyed through the years included Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Poul Anderson novels and many sci fi movies: 5th Element, Men in Black, The Adjustment Bureau, V for Vendetta, Star Wars, Back to the Future, The Matrix, Logan's Run, The Time Machine, X-Men, Gattaca, and Minority Report.

Science fiction opened my mind to new technological ideas. Plus, there is an underlying message of tolerance of other people, even if they're "different" (though in sci fi those "different" beings are aliens). In the stories being told through science fiction, many creation stories are told as well as hero's journeys. Messages about human life emerge. The main themes in science fiction deal with rational philosophy, beliefs, compassion, creativity, diversity, ethics, social justice and reason.

Reading or watching science fiction stories help illuminate prejudices and ways to deal with people of differing abilities or cultures. It is necessary to make the jump (or translate the stories) from fiction to fact.

What may be a very odd power or physical attribute in science fiction aliens and the way they are dealt with can translate over to real life in how a person of a different culture, a disabled person or person with an incapacitating disease is treated.

Wars and tactics in sci fi, even though make believe, may have been actual tactics in war on earth in years past. There are parallels.

Today I have two new followers, Sandy Beaudry and Kelly--neither have a blog or website listed. If either of you are reading this, and if you don't mind, would you comment with a link to your blogs if you have them? Thanks.

That's all folks. Travel Bug out.