Monday, January 28, 2013

Les Miserables -- Mon., Jan. 28

Today I finally made it to see the current iteration (2012) of "Les Miserables." While it was enjoyable and true to the spirit of the book, I thought the 1998 version with Liam Neeson as Jean Valjean, Geoffrey Rush as Javert, Uma Thurman as Fantine, and Claire Danes as Cosette was better. This musical version was darker and grittier. Even though I read the book in high school and have seen two or three movie versions, it still brings tears to my eyes to watch Jean Valjean struggle with his morals, offer comfort and hope to others, while he himself is in such misery or running from the law.

Driving back on the freeway from the movie theater, there was a black pickup in the fast lane just a little distance ahead of me. It kept coming over into my lane, then drifting back toward the center divider. I was very leery of that driver. I moved over a lane to the right and sped up to get around that pick-up. In my rear-view mirror I could see that the truck came within inches of hitting the center divider and then kept coming over into the next lane of traffic. I wanted to be in front of them because if they hit the divider or another car, I didn't want to be involved.

After the movie, I shopped at H-E-B then came home and defrosted the freezer. There was a layer of ice in the bottom and a thick layer of frost crystals on the back side. I had it done in a half hour.

For dinner, we had sloppy joes and a slice of Oreo cake. Normally we have a large salad with dinner, but we ran out last night. Bob will make a run to Costco for lettuce and avocados tomorrow. In lieu of salad, I had a glass of veggie juice.

Tonight we watched "The Biggest Loser." Bob watched a re-run of "Hawaii 5-0."

Other than that, it was a quiet day, especially since I did most of my chores Friday and Saturday.

Our temperature was 76 with 78% humidity today, so the movie theater felt quite nice. (And for a change it wasn't too cold!)

It's 11:45 p.m. and I have the window open behind my chair. The outdoor thermometer reads 68 degrees.

Our next few days will be very pleasant with temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s during the day, and overnight temperatures ranging from 66 degrees (tonight) to 36 degrees (Wednesday night). I won't be using the afghan tonight!

All for now. Enjoy your Tuesday.

Travel Bug out.