Wednesday, January 16, 2013

We Went on a Date -- Wed., Jan. 16

This morning I had an email from Bob inviting me on a date tonight. He asked me to pick a movie and I met him after work at the Santikos Bijou Cinema.

The movie I chose, based upon the recommendation of my mom, was "The Impossible." I'm sure you remember the monster tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004. (Was it that long ago?) This movie tells the story of one family that lived through the tidal wave.

From the beginning, there was no way I was going to sleep through even one minute of this film. The story draws you in from the opening scene with the family flying on their way to start a vacation. The family is a mom, dad and three young boys. 

All is going splendidly. It was Christmas time so the resort was decorated beautifully for the holiday. On Christmas morning, the family opened presents and went about their day. All was well. 

December 26, as the family was hanging out at the pool, they heard and felt something strange. It was the tsunami bearing down upon them with very little warning. What happens as the true story unfolds is amazing. I don't see how they survived. 

The movie is very intense. You learn bit by bit how bad the mom's injuries are, how caring and concerned the Thai villagers were. The family didn't know if all members were alive as they were separated from the first moments the water hit.

I recommend this movie to you just as Mom recommended it to me. 

We had a little scare in our movie theater. Part way through the movie, a family started talking, not overly loud but a little distracting. They were sitting about two rows ahead of us. Then, from the back of the theater, some guy starts yelling at the top of his lungs for them to shut up, he's trying to watch the movie, yadda, yadda. Well, the mother of the family in front of us decides to yell back. Pretty soon, the guy in the back was standing up  yelling and the lady in front of us was yelling back. They were really getting into it, calling each other names. I was starting to wonder if someone was going to pull a gun. They yelled for about five minutes then finally quieted down. A few minutes later a theater employee came in and looked around, but they were quiet by then. We didn't have any more incidents after that.

For dinner, Bob took me to Luby's which is cafeteria style. It was okay. I had turkey, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts (which I couldn't eat because they were too hard--I could barely cut them with a knife), and macaroni and cheese. Bob had baked white fish and broccoli. 

Bob headed back to work after dinner and I headed to Walmart for a few items. Then it was back to the 5er so I could watch CSI. 

A quiet day and a nice date to end the evening.  

TravelBug out.