Thursday, October 25, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is My Four Front Teeth -- Thurs., Oct. 25

I went to the dentist and the verdict is in. I do not have any abscesses, BUT it is too soon to do anything with my teeth. So, we are going to do nothing at this time. (I had a part in this decision.) I will be going on vacation with four (or more) broken teeth. 

Actually, I'm relieved. Now I know what's what in my mouth. I don't have to hurry up and have anything done. We are going to let my teeth and jaw continue to heal until mid-December, then the dentist will know if I need a root canal or if crowns will work best. He said he could put in crowns now, but if I develop a situation where a root canal will be needed we would have to take out the new crowns. That sounded like an option that's not like me. It's wait and see time. 

The dentist did say that sometimes root canals are needed and sometimes they're not, but it takes a while to know for sure. He pressed hard inside my upper jaw and pressed hard on the top of my front gums. There was no sharp pain. He said that's a good sign. So I'm hopeful. 

He told me it would be a good idea to take pain pills to Australia just in case. We have some strong ibuprofen we can pack. If my jaw gets re-injured for any reason in Australia, I will need to see an Australian dentist. I told him that's good because they speak English and they have good dental and medical care there.

What this means for our vacation is: I can only eat soft foods and even those I have to cut up in small bites and put in the back of my mouth to chew. I cannot even bite into a banana or a sandwich with my front teeth. So sandwiches will also have to be cut up into small pieces. 

Looks like new front teeth are on my Christmas wish list!

While I was out today I decided to get rid of my cabin fever. I shopped at Costco for four items, went to visit Bob and meet people he works with, and stopped at Hobby Lobby to buy 11 more peacock feathers for kitty toys while we're on our trip. I'll have the petsitter give them new feathers a couple of times per week.

That about did me in for the day.

Travel Bug out.