Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Be Independent -- Wed., Oct. 17

A Quote for the Day from A.Word.A.Day:
Nature never said to me: Do not be poor. Still less did she say: Be rich. Her cry to me was always: Be independent. -Nicolas de Chamfort, writer (1741-1794)
This quote spoke to me quite loudly. I have always believed in being independent: not following the crowd, not running with the crowd, not influenced by others' opinions of me, not being a "sheep." I think for myself, don't believe everything I hear, and influence others to think for themselves. 

Not always easy to do in a society with the internet throwing all kinds of gobbledegook our way. Enter which makes it easy too look up the facts (or the fiction) of supposed email claims sent over the internet.

Some people get caught up in gossip, or others telling them what they should do, what "they" believe to be the "story" or the "scoop." Many times gossipers or advice givers have no idea what they're talking about, yet some people believe the made-up information from "them." "They" said this, or "they" said that, or "they" did such and such. Whole stories revolve around misinformation. People may start to believe the misinformation and make up negative consequences for themselves based upon the bad information they've received.

Being independent means reading, learning, making choices that are right for me (or you for you). And  through discussion, research, and compromise, making choices that are compatible for us: as a couple, or a group, or a team, or a nation.

Sometimes choices as a couple include doing things...independently. For example, Bob is not big on botanic gardens or caves. I do not mind doing those activities independently. And he goes to football games without me. I am perfectly happy to do something else while he enjoys football. 

On a larger scale, independence to me is synonymous with freedom; not being governed by a foreign power. The United States of America celebrates Independence Day, which signifies our freedom from Great Britain many years ago. Our soldiers fight for our American freedoms every day.

In politics an independent is a person who votes for candidates, measures, etc., in accordance with his or her own judgment and without regard to the endorsement of, or the positions taken by, any party.

In mathematics, independent means: (of a quantity or function) not depending upon another for its value. [I love that: "not depending upon another for its value." This could also apply to independence in people, i.e., being self-confident.]

My point to all of this is: Think for yourself. Don't believe everything "they" tell you. If you hear bad things, research multiple sources to find out if what you've "heard" is correct. If you think something isn't going to work for you because of "whatever" reason you've been given, look for alternates. Find another source. The world is huge with lots of choices--too many in fact--to be bogged down thinking you "can't" do something, or "that isn't going to work." Look for other options. Talk to other people who DO know what they're talking about.

Independence is freedom. 


Today, Susan of What's Up with Susan and Company and Colleen of Traveling with the Longdogs came by and picked me up to go for tea/coffee at IHOP. It's the first time I've met Colleen and thought we got along famously. We had a nice chat and I learned quite a bit about Colleen and Dave, local RV parks, COE campgrounds, and San Antonio. I've decided we must make a trip to H-E-B Central Market and SAS Shoe Factory. Thank you Susan and Colleen for a great outing. Let's do it again when we can all have pancakes!


And now, for something completely independent of the above topics. Here are a couple of action shots of Sunnie playing with ("hunting") the peacock feather...

"You've got my undivided attention."
"Bring it!"
"Must kill it."
"The feather is history."
"Victory is mine."
(It's not easy to photograph a cat playing while you're playing with him.)

Travel Bug out.