Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tonight There's Going to Be a Jailbreak -- Wed., Oct. 24

"Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak..." We heard this Thin Lizzy song playing on the radio on the way back from the maxillofacial surgeon in Corpus Christi. Bob said, "Hey that would make a good title for your blog today." 

Yeah that's right my tongue escaped from my wired shut mouth. My tongue and jaws have been freed from jail! I no longer have metal digging into my inner lips. 

Dr. Cutbirth informed me that my jaw is healing very well. My teeth are aligned nicely in the back. He is amazed because of how badly smashed in my face was when he first saw me. He thinks my temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is healing nicely, although the left side hurt when I opened my mouth and chewed. I hope that feels better soon. I have to stay on soft foods for another two weeks, but that will put us in Australia.

Tomorrow, we'll see what the dentist says about my teeth and upper jaw after he takes X-rays and we have our consultation. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he can fix my teeth before we go (like this week, so my mouth/teeth have a few days to heal before we go). 

For dinner I had scrambled eggs. It was so good to put solid food in my mouth. My jaw is still a bit tight so I had to relax my jaw as much as possible to get the fork with food loaded into my mouth.

We had a nice mellow evening. I watched "Survivor: Philippines," and "CSI," though I kept falling asleep during "CSI." Getting the wires removed was traumatic for me. I had to keep breathing deep because I have a tendency to want to hold my breath when something hurts. It took me a good hour to relax on the drive home. So tonight my body needs lots of sleep.

Bob watched the first game of the World Series and played with Bowie.

Travel Bug out.