Friday, October 12, 2012

Sleep, Eat and Exercise -- Fri., Oct. 12

I must need sleep. Last night I slept ten hours; then this afternoon I fell asleep in the recliner for another three hours. That's not like me. Usually I get by on seven hours a night, if that. So I decided to do a little reading up on sleep and I would like to share the results.

The article that made the most sense to me was this one and it's a doozy. I don't think most of us get enough restorative sleep, which is Phase 4 sleep. Read the article, you'll understand this better. Sleep, the Great Healer, by Don Bennett, DAS

Also, an article from an early study on Lack of Sleep Can Lead to Weight Gain sheds light on the relationship of sleep and diet. Recent studies (2008) indicate that our hormones ghrelin and leptin are dependent on sleeping--but not just any sleep--a good deep sleep (Phase 4) for enough hours. "In a properly functioning brain, the two hormones are released on and off to regulate normal feelings of hunger. But research has shown that sleep deprivation can alter ghrelin and leptin levels." The following three-page article is excellent in explaining the effect sleep has on your weight: Why a Lack of Sleep Can Make You Fat, and How to Keep From Gaining Weight. Be sure to read it to the third page.

I'm including the following article because it's slightly related, but mostly because it's downright interesting: Hibernating Bears' Wounds Heal Without Scars. Who knows if bears' hibernating habits will reveal cures or will provide help for humans' scars or other related ailments. It's still interesting to learn about bears' restorative powers.

Anyway, my thinking is: with enough sleep  I'll heal better, feel better and lose weight faster. (Of course the wired jaw liquid diet is causing a fast weight loss--11 lbs in 3 weeks. I don't recommend it to anyone!)

In my current healing state, I CAN sleep more. That's the easy part since I'm not working at this time. So I'm making that my goal for now: get enough deep sleep. 

I can work on the correct way to eat and lose weight when I'm better. 

Exercise will be brought into play when I am getting enough protein and other nourishment.

But for the rest of you, remember, it's all related in your body--sleeping, eating and exercising--to help you feel and do your best. 
Take care of your body--it's your temple. Or, as a friend of mine used to say, which totally works for me: "My body is an amusement park." 

Enjoy the ride called life.

Travel Bug being amused.