Saturday, October 20, 2012

One Year Full-Timing Tomorrow! -- Sun., Oct. 21

Happy full-timing anniversary to us. One year ago tomorrow, our house closed and that exact same day was our flight out of Honolulu to Portland, Oregon where we started our full-time adventure. Being that we couldn't afford to retire, we have been workamping along the way, but still manage to get our travel fix in. Here are links to how it all happened:

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Autumn Freedom and Sunny Skies: Oct. 23-28, 2011

And that, my friends, is how it all began. It was hectic, it was exciting, it was funny, it was scary and it was--and is--a complete adventure. We had sorrow (saying good-bye to friends and co-workers, parting with our three wonderful cats--Captain, Rama and Oreo, moving from our beautiful home in Hawaii), pride (our new truck and 5th wheel), joy (seeing family and Oregon friends, starting a new adventure in life), sense of accomplishment (for all we did to get to this point), and wonder (how on earth did we do all that in such a short time??, and look where we are now!).

Captain, Rama and Oreo (our cats in Hawaii who we could not afford to fly to the mainland...they went to the Humane Society):

Captain--flame point Siamese
Oreo--feral cat who adopted us as a wee kitten.
Oreo under Christmas tree.
Rama thought all flowers were for her.
Rama, the Princess. This was her spot on the kitchen counter.
Captain--18 lbs. of Siamese. He loved to hang over my shoulder.
Captain packing himself.
Oreo, AKA Harry Potter cat. (See the lightning bolt?)
Welcome to new follower Sarah Joy, no blog address given. It's good to have you on board!

Also, a warm welcome to Lisa and Hans from Metamorphosis Road. They love to get out and hike, bike, walk, travel and basically enjoy the outdoor life. Their house sold in July, 2012, and they have been full-timing since September! Drop by and check out these two active folks. (Lisa, do you know about Volksmarching? If not, check out and click on Locate Walking Events. You can find walks all over the U.S.--cities, parks, festivals, national parks.)

And here are Sunnie and Bowie, our current fur-kids.
Bowie ready for a new trip.

Sunnie and Bowie.
Travel Bug out.