Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Travel -- Tues., Oct. 2

If it has to do with travel, I'm so there. Travel is my passion. I love to talk about it, do it, sell it. Yep, you heard me right. Sell it.
For six years I worked at AAA (American Automobile Association) as a Travel Counselor and Trainer of Travel Counselors. The job was fun. I talked to people all day about travel. If you know anything about AAA, you may have seen their TripTiks in the past, individualized travel routing in a flip book with a certain number of miles on each page with points of interest shown. In addition to helping people create their personalized routes, I also made hotel, campground, Disney package, and attraction reservations. I was not a full-fledged travel agent, so no airfare or cruises booked, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Auto Travel side of the business. Another lady and I were the Travel Counselor Trainers for all Travel Counselors in the state of Oregon. That was also fun. 

For six months I also worked selling bus, helicopter, volcano, and nature tours at a small travel agency in Honolulu.

But I digress. Bob was talking to someone from Express Personnel in the course of his busy day. He happened to mention that I have worked in the travel industry. She asked him to have me call her. This afternoon I talked to her. She wants to meet me and discuss a part-time position she has in her travel agency. She doesn't book much airfare, mostly cruises and vacation tour packages.

I told her about my recent fall and jaw being wired shut. Can you believe it? Seven years ago she fell and broke her face and her jaw was wired shut for six weeks. She said to me, "It was the worst time in my life." Where have I heard that before? Ding, ding, ding...I just said that this past week.

Anyway, long story short, she wants to meet me to discuss a part-time job that would start in January! You just never know what might happen.

Bob and Vicky of Cedar Creekin! and Sandy (no blog given): Welcome to our blog. We hope you enjoy sharing our journey.

Travel Bug out.