Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month -- October

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, today I'm going to re-blog an excellent post by "Sparky" (Jeannie) of Where's Eldo? titled A Fire Truck named "Izzy." Her blog tells the story of the Guardian of the Ribbon. I think you'll enjoy her post and the story of some amazing people. Click on the link to read her blog.

My dentist appointment today was to get an idea about options for my teeth once the wires and bands come off. I was a bit disappointed. The dentist told me he could not recommend anything until the wires come off. He told me I had to ask all my questions of my maxillofacial surgeon. (I already had last week. My maxillofacial surgeon told me to ask the dentist about how soon he could work on my teeth.) So now I feel I'm going around in circles. When the wires come off next Tuesday, I will again ask the maxillofacial surgeon my remaining questions and see if he, indeed, can give me the answer.

In the meantime, I will request all my records be sent to the dentist including CAT scans, X-rays and history of the accident so he will know what happened and will be prepared. From the first encounter at the dentist, my impression from the nurse/hygienist (?) was they may not be able to do anything with my teeth before we leave on our trip. We'll be dealing with whatever the outcome is, but we're not cancelling our trip.

Susan of What's Up with Susan and Company called this morning to invite me out for coffee/tea today. I couldn't go today and she suggested tomorrow. I told her tomorrow would be fun.

That all for today. 

Travel Bug out.