Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Grand Ducal Wedding in Luxemburg - religious Wedding

Early in the morning of the Wedding Day i meet with Ken from the UK who stayed in the same Hotel the i did and then we went to the Cathedral together where  we arrived short before 8h00. There we also meet Eric from Belgium. As it turned out there where already quiet a lot of people there so we could not stand in the first row but luckily i had brought something to stand on with me so i had still a good sight. Already quiet early the buses with the first guest arrived. One of the first who came where guests from the german houses among the Margrave and Margravine of Baden with their son Bernhard and daughter-in-law Stephanie, Prince Georg Friedroch of Prussia who arrived woth his siter-in-law Katharina and her husband Archduke Martin of Austria-Este. And also the Duke and Duchess in Bavaria and lot more. Later the Military came and stood in a row near the church entrance. Unfortunately it turned out that direct before us the Military band was standing . Around 10h00 the membes of the luxemburgian Goverment and other officials arrived by fot. The a bus come with all the other european heirs who attended the Wedding. They all had to walk over a street before coming to the red carpet. After them the most important guests arrived. As they arrived in single cars and where droven direct to the start of the red carpet it was now more difficult to see them and make pictures of them. As the last arrived Grand Duke Henri together with Mrs Lydia de Schaetzen, a sister of the late Comtesse Alix de Lannoy. Then the groom with his beaming mother Grand Duchess Maria Teresa came. Next where the bridesmaids Princess Alexandra of Luxemburg and Antonia Hamilton a niece of the bride. After them a car came with the flower children. And then finally car with bride and her oldest brother Comte Jean de Lannoy arrived. After coming out out the car the walked up the red carpet to the entrance of the Cathedral where the where greeted by the Archbishop of Luxemburg. And now the long waiting startet. At first we had gthought about goin to he Palace to see the balcony appearance of the bridal couple after the Wedding ceremony but as we didn't know how many people where already there we decided to stay at the Church. After the very long Service which lasted for almost 2 hgours the bridal couple finally come out and went down the red carpet to their waiting car which brought them back to the palce. Afterwards Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa left followed by the foreign royal guests. After the most imprtant guests had left the other guests walked to the Palce and where not driven with cars. We then also left and meet again with Hein from the Netherlands. We also went to the Palace to see what was going on there and could see that some guests already left the Palace agin. We then decied to seek for a place where we could drink and eat something. In the evening we had another look at the back of the Palace to see what was going on there.

My Pics