Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rodriguez -- Sun., Oct. 21

The movie Searching for Sugar Man rocks. The documentary of a 70's rock star captivates in telling the story of a man who had no idea he was a star. You see, he made two albums which flopped in the U.S.; however, connected with youth in Cape Town, South Africa during apartheid. 

In South Africa, Rodriguez was more popular than Elvis! Somehow, the royalties never found their way to Rodriguez, so he continued on in his unassuming life UNTIL...da da da DA...some people in the music and journalism fields in South Africa decided to solve the mystery of the rock star no one in the United States knew about. South Africans heard he committed suicide on stage.
Bob and I were riveted by the story on the screen. The tale unfolds gradually, solving the mystery as you watch. Amazing to learn all the details. Highly recommended. If you watched 60 Minutes a couple of weeks ago, you learned some of the story. The movie goes into much more detail.

The theater where we watched the movie is the Santikos Bijou Cinema Bistro at Wonderland Mall. 

Very upscale. You can order dinner and drinks which are delivered to your seat before the movie starts.

More new followers: Terry and LuAnn of Paint Your Landscape. Welcome! LuAnn and Terry started full-timing in August 2011 via Sedona, Arizona and Yellowstone National Park...fellow outdoors people. They are currently in the Alabama Hills of California with some other wonderful bloggers, Nina and Paul of Wheeling It. We have been following Nina and Paul's journey for months and loved their exploration of "our" home state, Oregon. Such a small world. Six Degrees of Separation? Perhaps.

I'd also like to say "Howdy" to Just Wandrin' and Garea51, however I don't have names and/or websites. (I have to wonder Garea51, is your name Gary who is into Area 51? Just curious. Currently you're "alien" to me.) Please introduce yourselves.

TravelBug out.